How much do the photographs cost?
£150-175. We just have two packages to keep things simple. For £150 you get an hour’s shoot in our home studio and all of the digital photos that we take. Newborns are a bit more at £175 for a 1-2 hour shoot which gives them plenty of time to feed etc so we can get the best photos. You will normally get in excess of 100 photos after we have removed any that aren’t suitable. We will also edit 10 of your favourite images to make them perfect for printing and sharing etc for no extra cost. It’s important to us not to charge other families a fortune just to capture photographs of their little ones growing up.
Do I have to pay a deposit?
We ask for £25 to be paid up front to secure the date. If there are unforeseen circumstances and you have to cancel, you don’t lose this if you re-book another date in the future. This is taken off the total amount stated above. 
Do I have to pay extra if I want more photos?
No, absolutely not. We don’t want parents to end up paying hundreds and hundreds of extra pounds to get the photos that they want. We want our pricing structure to be clear and for you to know exactly what you are going to pay before you set foot in our studio.
What's the best age for photo shoots?
You can book a shoot at any time but  in our opinion the best 3 times to capture the first year of a baby are:
1. In the first couple of weeks - you soon forget how small and scrunched up they are at this stage.
2. Once they can sit up, by this time they've definitely got their own personality too!
3. Their first birthday - it's a big occasion that you'll want to capture. Usually harder to keep them in once place but lots of fun trying. We can do cake smash shoots then too.
What if my little one is ill on the day?
As parents ourselves we appreciate that children can get ill and we want them to be happy when they are having their picture taken. We just ask for as much notice as possible and if you re-book another date with us then you don’t lose your £25 deposit.
What if my baby needs feeding or changing during the shoot?
We are parents ourselves so we know that babies can be unpredictable. You are welcome to feed or change if you need to and we can provide a private room if you prefer. We want you to feel at ease and for your baby to be happy.
Where are you located?
We are located in the Fleetville area of St Albans, near Morrison's. Full address details will be provided before your photo shoot.
Is there parking?
Yes, there is always parking available on our street.
What should I bring on the day?
We normally suggest a few outfit changes for the day and we also ask you to bring any props or favourite toys that you want including in any photos or you are welcome to use ours.
Do you use props?
We are not Anne Geddes but we do have some outfits for babies under 6 months and some other props that we can use in photos. See some of our previous photos or drop us a message if you want any examples. You are however welcome to bring whatever you want to include in the pictures. 
Do you do cake smashes?
Yes we do. A cake smash is exactly the same price as a normal infant photo shoot and includes bunting (various options) and balloons. The cake isn’t included in this price but we can source one for you for an extra charge or you can make and bring your own to keep costs down.
Can I get same family shots as well?
Yes of course. We know that photos with everyone in are the most difficult to get so if you want to, we can get a couple of family photos within the time slot.
How quickly will I get the photos?
We normally get the photos to you within 24 hours after the photo shoot. We provide a link to a secure online gallery. You then have the hard job of picking the 10 favourite for editing. You can do this at your leisure.
Are the photos a printable quality?
Yes, all of the photos are high resolution so you can print them whether they have been edited or not.
Do you do outdoor shoots?
Unfortunately not, we just offer home studio photo shoots.
Are you insured?
Yes we have public liability insurance in place.
I have another question, can I contact you?
Of course. The best way to get in touch is by sending a message on our facebook page or you can also email us at
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